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How Did You Come By Your User Name? (1 Viewer)


Mine: I was writing a novel called 'The Black Shepherd'. The protagonist had a sword called Azmacna, so, on another forum I called myself 'Azmacna' as you do. ... I contributed a lot to that forum (Writersbeat) and eventually got a half decent reputation for giving good advise. A good friend of mine called 'Queeny' coined the term 'The Mighty Az' and here I am.

Just for fun, here's the opening to that novel. DON'T JUDGE! lol

The day began like every other: with the weary thought of breathing. Drogue longed for the sweet, soft sheets of eternity; the forever nothingness. Death would be his ultimate prize, the end of a journey spent offering others such sanctuary.

Sorrow was the cape he wore, adorned by the souls of those he had slain, each black jewel a remnant of the dead. Sorrow shivered. Its jewels blinked. From time to time, when light permitted, faces would appear in supplication, screaming at the world in torment before receding back into their tiny, circular cells. By his side, the very thing that woke him, the very thing that made him long for eternal sleep, his sword, Azmacna. His fingers crept to the hilt, curled about its leather like a lover, while his eyes—the colour of oil—ran with the intrusion of day.


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I'm a long time biker (motorcycle rider), I rode Harley's for decades - but my first ride on a bike was when I was two weeks old, squeezed between my parents on their Indian Chief. I always liked the art deco styling, but Indian went out of business back in the 1950's. When they started up again in the late 90's I had to have one, and have ridden them ever since.

I used to have a blog with stories about my riding adventures - which was called... can you guess? Indian Roads. My author URL still carries that name.


Tiamat is an ancient Babylonian goddess of primordial chaos. When her offspring murder her mate, she transforms herself into a dragon and goes to war with them.

Granted, I'm not so narcissistic as to think myself a goddess, and I wouldn't exactly call myself particularly chaotic, either. Mostly, I think dragons are super cool and I adore mythology.
I was fourteen years old and had just finished reading Eclipse of the Sun by Michael O'Brien. In it, a priest rescues a boy named Arrow from a cult, baptizes him Aaron, but tells him that his secret name before the throne of God can be 'Arrow-In-The-Bow-Of-The-Lord.' I was (still am) obsessed with the idea of secret names, and loved (still love) the idea of being God's weapon that he directs where he chooses. Sometimes I regret it because it's so idiotically long, but then I remember: I was fourteen. It could have been much, much worse.

Olly Buckle

My given name was Oliver, my family name Buckle, but on my first day at school when I met Jack he straightaway called me Olly, and that I have been ever since except to officialdom. I considered an assumed name, but then thought 'No, I don't mind being famous, I can handle that', unfortunately ...


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I am variously "vranger" and "vetteranger" around the internet.

It started as "vetteranger" combining my favorite car with my favorite branch of the Armed Forces. In the early internet days (actually before that, with Prodigy and AOL), a friend and golf partner was a former Army Ranger, with some incredible stories of incidents in his service. Today I have a friend who is almost like a brother who is a former SEAL, but it's too late to change. ;-)

Over the years, evidently some other people must have decided they liked "vetteranger", because when signing up a new account I'd be informed it was already taken. But the short form never is, so I often just use it without checking the long form first.


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The word "lumi" in Finnish means "snow." I've always loved snow and wintertime, and I also have Scandinavian genes (my grandmother's parents were Swedish immigrants), so I thought it fit.

Plus, Lumiiberry is my username for Among Us, so yeah :playful:


I have always loved Polarbears, and back in 1997 when I decided to get a domain name with polarbear in it. Unfortunately for me all nice Polarbear names were taken, so I chose Snowybear instead. Using as an avatar as well as a domain name keeps things consistent and means I don't have to think to much either.


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My original username was 'PigletinPortugal' chosen because I love piglets and I live in Portugal. I have always been referred to as PiP on WF, so the then owner changed my username and made it official. :pig2:


My original username was 'PigletinPortugal' chosen because I love piglets and I live in Portugal. I have always been referred to as PiP on WF, so the then owner changed my username and made it official. :pig2:

A welcome change no doubt.

But 'Pigletin' is a wonderful name for a character in a children's story.
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My name in Dutch...from a time when life was Dutch...and good...and when I was little and could speak Dutch. And now I can only count to ten in perfect Dutch and say 'shit' and 'sausages' in Dutch.