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How and where to suggest a poetry project (1 Viewer)


I am new here. I am not a poet other than a few silly limericks for friends many years ago. :friendly_wink:

I came here because I have been working on a little poetry project for couple of months, but I am having trouble getting it finished. I was hoping I might find a few collaborators who would be interested in working on it with me.

The poem is political satire based on the children's nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty. I think it might be something that could be marketable if I can get it done well before the November US elections. I am not looking to make any money personally. If there are any proceeds, I would be happy to donate them to this forum.

My plan is to post what I have done so far (about 11 verses) and ask anyone who cares to submit additional verses and/or suggest edits to mine.

If this is something that would be appropriate to do here, please advise me as to the best section to post it.