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Hopefully, I have made some progress. (1 Viewer)

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I have long undertaken to master writing, but have faced setbacks time after time for neglecting to follow certain rules. Though many have critiqued short pieces I wrote, advising me to follow those rules, I refused to do so because I thought I needed to achieve my goal through some other means. My goal was to write cadenced prose, a goal which I thought behooved me to break those rules, but by breaking those rules I wrote without clarity, seeming to show disregard for my readers. And when later I thought I was following some, ones I believed to be useful, I neglected to follow others just as necessary. Now I am trying to follow those too, but I might be breaking some, for to follow them fully seems to damage the rhythm of my words. And not every book or article on writing contains every rule, or agrees on how to write with rhythm or clarity, but I try to combine the advice of more than one. So though my writing might have improved, I am a little confused.
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Ignore the rules; write what you want. Seeking validation is the kiss of death because you'll never find it. When I have commented on your pieces, it's reflective of what I would do, what I wanted to read. I have an eye for grammar and structure so I can comment somewhat knowledgeably on those things, and I like a certain style but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. What do you want to do? To write, to get something out? Do it. Make a blog. Are you writing for publication? Then find professionals, find workshops, find fault with your writing and work every day to get your words closer to what you want them to be. Print your work out onto sticky pieces of paper and plaster them all over public transport. Slip extracts of your text between pages at your local bookstore. Don't go round in circles seeking approval from all and sundry.


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I don't know what exactly you are writing and most likely you are better than me that I'm in no place to comment on your work.

But since you are talking about rules and breaking rules, one golden thing that I ever heard and taken into my mind is that: "Break rules only after you understand the rules."

Let's take example of a traffic and bicycle:

Case 1:
You are riding a bicycle, slowly, in the middle of the road and keep changing between slow and fast lane as you please.
Following the rules: No. Result of the action: Not right.

Case 2:
You are riding a bicycle, you are riding your racing bicycle fast, and you stay in the side lane (slow driving lane, not designated bicycle lane).
Following the rules: No. Result of the action: Just right.

Case 2 guy most likely have understood the traffic rules. Or Case 1 guy is just outright 4sshole. Either way, be the Case 2 guy.
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