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Honey I wouldn't be there!!! (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Would buds ever bloom?
Not in spring, if you assume.
If, autumn it would take,
For hopes, as stakes.
And altering path of life,
Countless drops of strife,
To hold thirst of meaning,
Virtues all that spinning,
And then !!!! clock would standstill,
Applauding, the thrill,
Rays of light scattering,
Over that dark hemisphere,
To see that!!! ,
I wouldn't be there!!!
Honey I wouldn't be there!!!

For!!! My blood would be streaming,
To the thought, heart pumps,
Trapeze, as in dreams,
Off the cliff, it jumps,
To hold fast the cradle of trust, as it swings,
To amplify, echoes of furious sounds, it brings,
For that every cell of my flesh,
Would burst into power,
To bring strength for all,
Who need support of that tower,
For all that,
It wouldn't be acceptable,
To get into crashes,
For conscience to survive,
And the rest, to, turn to perishes.
For then, you would need to hold your heart,
A lot lot more, that you would have to bear,
For marathon it might continue,
Or finally; sunshine, if would occur.
To see that!!!
I wouldn't be there!!!!
Honey I wouldn't be there!!!

Ritu Dimri Nautiyal