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Wow! There are some heavy duty essays here. I hope mine can hold up to what I've just read. Although I've written lots of op-ed pieces in the past, my latest focus is on home business articles.

I've been writing an article a week, which I publish on my blog as well as in the hundreds of article directories on the internet.

I think some of you should be posting your pieces on these sites. You get some good recognition and they always let you provide a link to your website. This creates a lot of back links to your website, creating lots of traffic.

I've been doing this with my articles. I use a software called Article Submitter Pro which lets you automatically submit to hundreds of sites, rather than manually doing it one at a time. Saves time and blasts the internet with your essays or articles. Great tool.

Anyway, if anyone can kindly review my home business articles on my blog I would be most appreciative.


Robbie Fanucchi

Check out my blog:



Senior Member
you'll get a better response to your appeal if you post the articles here, robbie... for various reasons, most of us don't like to have to go elsewhere to critique work...