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Hello, I'm Matt (not like you couldn't figure that one out) and I'm one of the many new guys. I'm a college student in southern california, and I signed up here to help improve my writing craft. I've kind of been a story-teller my entire life, and writing came very naturally to me. Besides enjoying the fabulous weather we've been having down here (if you didn't know, it's been rather cold a wet lately), I'm usually busy getting kicked out of Barnes & Noble, dissing movies and television that's just bad (Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem, COME ON!), bowling, or hanging around school. I have an ambition to become a television writer/creator, my main inspiration being Joss Whedon. I am really attracted to books/shows/movies/anything with strong characters. Currently I have a couple different projects that I've been working on for a while, and really just want a place to ask questions and find help with developing a really good product. Hopefully the relationship can be mutual and I might be able to help some of you in some sort of way.

(That's a high-five right?)

Go Team!