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Hey I'm New Here! YOu Can Call Me EmoAngel Or EmoAngelWriter Whichever You Fancy! Well I'm A Bit Confused Since Of Course I Love To Write :pencil: I'm Unsure How To Do Everything Like Add Friends Post My Storie Uhmm Message People Read Other's Work:read: And All That Could I Have Some Help Please I Don't Understand ](*,)So Will Yea Help Meh? Baha I Like These Smilies!:drunk: Oh And Is There A Way For Me To Spell Check? I Can't Spell To Save My Life...

Have A Good Day!!



Welcome to the forum. At the appointed time a master will appear to guide you


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Welcome to the forums. I'm new myself, but I've been to other forums and some are similar to this one by how it's set up. Anyway, welcome.