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HIYA! (1 Viewer)


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It's been quite a long pilgrimage till I finally joined you...
Well, nice to meet you, people!
Among the few interesting things I've read so far, there is a paragraph from the Rules & Guidelines I'd like to quote:

We also always advise you to keep your private information private. Do not share your email address, phone number or other private information with anyone you don't know or trust. Once you do you can't "take it back" so be careful who you share your information with. Our advice is do not share your private information!

I have had some inconvenience for being neglectful of my own information in other sites. So, in the said R&G I would also include that whenever one is tempted to post their own photos, he should think it twice. Though I recommend that no personal photo be posted and that one should ask family and friends before posting their photos here or anywhere else.
Let me apologize for starting off this way, but I'm really concerned about this matter. If such a statement had been included in the R&G of those other sites, I wouldn't be talking about it here. Perhaps you are already aware of all that. Anyway, not many people ever read them...
(turn the page)
I'm glad to be here to start over.:sunny:


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Hello there and let me welcome you to Writing Forums, winkash! :)

I'm fully with you on the part about asking family and friends if you can post a photo of yourself. You never know who is on the Internet...


Welcome, Winkash,

I completely agree with you. When I mention family members in my posts I make up a nickname for them and am deliberately as vague as possible as to any other details about them. The only place I have pictures is on a picture hosting site. (Okay, and my avatar...but that's me and I can handle that...LOL)

Kudos for actually reading the rules! Enjoy your fresh start. WF is a great place for one.