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Hitch Hikin (1 Viewer)


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I'd like to know everyones thoughts on douglas adams most famous work of 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' (which i incidentally read in like grade six) and the transition from book to movie.....my thoughts are TWO THUMBS WAY DOWN


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Not seen the film yet but I have read the series (starts good, ends poor). I met Douglus Adams once at a book signing in Sydney, two years before he died; he was very tall, which is strange because his books are very short.


wow i never even heard of that book than again i barley heardof any of the books mentioned


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Jimmy_James said:
haha man your on my mad respect list honestly every one of your posts makes me pee myself laughing

Thanks. This is the moment when I prove I'm funny - but I'm having trouble. Too much pressure. I feel like the best man at a wedding...

...just off to the toilet!


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book-to-movie? try radio-to-book-to-TV-to-movie. The original, FIRST, BBC radio episodes remain by far the best incarnation.

.. I mean, as much as I love them, the hitch hiker books aren't particularly well written 'novels'.... Douglas adam's wrote the story as a half-hour-at-a-time-serial, and the novels, particularly the first couple, were pretty much word for word translations of that. As such they have a very serialized, non-plot-friendly, flow to them; pure vehicles for his comedy, which was always his selling point. Line by line, I laugh my tail off... but on a whole, I can't call them well-composed.. not in book form.

anyway, apparently the new move version was heavily monitored by adams before his death too, and he gave it his full blessing, and I heard he even wrote-in/imagineered the malkovich role himself. You're right it wasn't very good, but I feel it was about as good as we'll see from Hitchhikers, given the nature of film versus its raw serializations roots.