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Historical fiction, some fantasy, some futuristic stories. I'm working on... (1 Viewer)


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My problem is that I like to research and I start on the writing and I might even live with the book for years.

I've got two Viking novels that I've really lived in for years now. I've been studying Vikings way before the show came out and when it was not a thing to be into them. I have not watched the show and almost stopped writing when the Vikings show came out because I was 6 years into research on the family of Ragnar Lothbrok and with multiple 1st chapters (see... I have a hard time going forward). I have a first chapter that I think is now good and I took some time off from studying because every few lines I felt like I had to do more research. I'd write a paragraph and spend 3 days re-reading everything about that time period... but my couple years of break has gotten me interested in the story again.

My second "Viking" one is about the Norse in Greenland around the years 1407-1428. I also love studying about the Inuit for this one. I think their culture is absolutely amazing and somewhat of a bright spot in this story that involves the break-down of the culture due to so many mostly outside factors that I've been studying. I want this book to have a environmental message, but somehow I've been unable to write it in that way... instead it seems more like it's a spiritual love story to the earth that I wish was told or proved by the story but instead is coming from the hearts of the characters. I'm not sure if this is enough. I'd love for people to read this book and feel what the earth provides for us and the wonder that comes from the bounty, care, and beauty of the earth. Actually just talking about it is giving me ideas about what my plot need to do....Yay. I almost didn't write this introduction.

A futuristic novel... just playing with how I think it will probably be in 200 years. Usually my mind skips to 100,000 years, but someone challenged me to try 200 and it's been very interesting and I think a natural warning hopefully. Because our thoughts now as a human culture will shape how we are in 200 years. I have just 1 chapter but my writing group thought it was really interesting in at the end of 2018 when I wrote it and they keep bringing it up now that there is COVID because there are things we are doing now that were going on in that chapter. It starts with the main character going to an appointment with an intimacy therapist... she is the divorcee of someone she was married to online and who she never met in person for their 9 years together which is pretty common. There are lots of refugees due to climate change that are stationed in countries that welcomed them. A second character who she will meet is a refugee working in the nuclear power plants in the deserts of Australia where many of the world's refugees have been accepted. America has decided to take basically none. Everyone wears extensive masks and usually you would hardly be outside anyway. The heat and not enough oxygen after the plants in the ocean died off. That kind of stuff is now normal.

2 short stories that actually will get published in a compilation a friend is putting together for publication. I'm excited!
Both set in 1972. One about a girl who was born in a Japanese Internment camp in the USA in 1941 and is a writer and she is trying to find her Japanese-American voice when she is writing in a time when Japanese people are just beginning to be more accepted. She leaves her writing journal at the library and gains a mentor from the experience who really helps her realize that her story has a voice in America too. Am I worried about cultural appropriation? Yes, somewhat! I would really like to bounce this off of someone who is Japanese American. I think my imagination wants these stories told. Her mentor is a Jewish man who survived Nazi concentration camps and whose daughter died there. Yes, I would like to talk to people from these cultures and ask if they think what I write is okay.

The other story is about a high-end prostitute who gets murdered in the first paragraph and who flashes back to her last 3 days. Everyone she meets is suspect, but her personality is that she really gives her all to everyone and sees what she does as therapy. Her compassion even while she is dying is the thing that interested me about this story.

I'd love to hear if these ideas are interesting to any of you! =)