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I just read Morton and Whitten's Secrets of the SuperOptimist (highly recommended) - has anyone who's read it ever come across any other books like it? I'm talking about the way that it serves as both a parody of self-help books and simultaneously ends up describing a philosophy that makes a lot of good sense.

Kind of like the way something like the Daily Show will use humor to get at something quite serious - except ultimately I think the book's goal is closer to teaching you than getting you to laugh out loud.

Other books anyone's read that fall into the same category?


i don't know if i've read any like it. i've seen books that seem to be selling themselves as doing the same thing, using humor to teach, like "Sun Tzu was a Sissy" or "the No Asshole Rule", but a) i haven't read these and b) i think both those books deal with management techniques and not general philosophies. "hilarious-inspirational" is a weird word choice, but you're right, i don't know if any other books do what secrets of the superoptimist does.

if anyone who hasn't read superoptimist has no idea what we're talking about: the book's website has a bunch of writing that didn't make it into the book but serves as a good example of the authors' style. here's a link: