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I was hoping to get some help. I am really bad at deciding if my own work is high concept or not. So I was looking for your opinion. Here is the plot. A cop returning to duty becomes the latest victim of a serial killer who enjoys testing his wits against his victims before killing them. Thanks for your help.


Linton Robinson

Senior Member
No. That is like "Concept to be found in about 60 DVD's on the shelf at any rental outlet".

High Concept essentially means a film gimmick you can get across in very few words.

Mother changes body with daughter.

Lawyer can't tell a lie.

White kid poses as black to get into college.

Fop makes bet he can go around the world in 80 days.

Labrador plays basketball.

DeVito and Schotzy are twins. (Maybe)

Rosemary stumbles onto pool repairman fondling himself by the pool, so she...

OK, not that last one.

It's basically about a big, simple idea. And usually gimmicky and twisty. Titsy chicks do topless carwash isn't high concept.

Wayan Brothers pose as titsy chicks doing topless carwash might be.

40 Year Old Virgin All you need is the title.

Throw mama from the train. Same thing.

College boy suffers from angst while finding self is like No Concept.

Cheech and Chong movies are only High Concept in a very figurative sense.