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Excuse me. Excuse me.
Do you know me?
...I'm Brian.
I-I just got here. I'm not working Friday, Saturday, Sunday... Is that good, I'm off the weekend? What's the beer like on the weekend? You like beer? I like beer.
I got a party the 30th of the month. Christmas party. What's the beer like on Christmas?
When you working on Monday? I might see you. I'm working nine to five. I'm off the weekend.
Hey, do you know me?
Wait, how do you know me?!

Sorry. I felt like it. That particular character's been stuck in my head for awhile.


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i'm finnally the first to welcome someone!!

welcome, can't wait to read your stuff, have fun here



Thats awesome! Its really cool to do stuff like that. Often I will come across something I wrote a long time ago in a similar format. I find it to be helpful, some characters never really go away. They come back every now and then.

Have a great experience here, we're here to help.