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Hello, my name is Athnephiel (or, you could just call me Pat)
. I attempt to write fantasy in what little free time I have, though between work and sleep there isn't much time.

I am pretty much addicted to high fantasy, such as anything J.R.R Tolkien or Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time Series - though don't expect my to be THAT descriptive.

Also, I enjoy talking about ninjas and skating.

Dr. Malone

Wheel of Time are some of my favorite books ever. They're the only fantasy books I read. I think they make Rings look pathetic. Jordan is absolutely amazing. Too bad he died. Do you know if you took that pen name from Hemingway's character? I've always wondered that.
Anyway, welcome!
The Wheel of Time is by far the best fantasy series out there, agreed. I'm not sure, I've never read any Hemingway novels.