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Hello there and let me be the first one to welcome you to WF, Mirror Flower Water Moon. I hope you enjoy being here, learn some new things, and also make some friends while you are here :)

~ Shinn
You don't like long introductions, huh?
You seem to like long names though, Mirror Flower Water Moon! lol.... Hmmmm.. I like long introductions so here i go! My name is Elizabeth, I go to highschool in hick town, USA and i have a pet dog. My blood type is B- (i have no idea) and no diseases. I have brown hair, green eyes, 5 foot 8 inches tall, my first kiss was when i was 3 and i don't remember the guys name. I want to go to Australia for my Junior year and am curently trying to convince my mother to let me go. I like Drama, English, and Art. My best friend's name is Chelsea and she is 5 foot nothing... Idk, all i know is she is just short. I am currently going out with 3 different people (Please don't tell them) and i like dark haired guys. I prefer Fords to Dodge and vanilla to chocolate. I like getting shots but i'm affraid of sharp things. My favorite mythological creature is a vampire and i am running out of things to say.... so i am just taking up alot of room so i can have a long introduction, do you think its long enough? I don't know, i think it should be at least 354 more sentences but my hands are getting tired from typing....... wow.... so you feel like you know me?
Good!!!! I hope we can be friends considering you know more about me than my mother....

Ha ha ha! anyways, welcome to the forum!