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Well this is my second post. My first was in the Debate forum so that might give you a hint that I tend to be opinionated. However, I'm still nice -- really!;-)

I write fantasy and quite a lot of it. I'm nearing the end of a novella (I know an unpopular length but it was the right one for this work -- so there ya go.) and have started outlining (actually I'm still world building and not outlining yet) a novel. I have a short story that will appear in the November Sorcerous Signals. That's my only non-fiction that's sold so far but I have a number of short stories out, so we'll see.

I take my writing pretty seriously. I am less interested in critting here since I am critted and do a lot of critting elsewhere than I am having somewhere to bounce around ideas and just chat with people who don't think I'm weird because I write -- and can deal with my opinionated self. If I get too much so please kick me. But I try to always be polite. :)
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