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Hi y'all (1 Viewer)


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Been a while since I critiqued or posted here so thought I'd better introduce myself again. I go by captflash80 and I write whatever happens to be swimming through my brain at the time. I have written two novels, the Hyde's Corner Series, and completed one collection of Short Stories. I have written numerous short stories, but need to start and finish two or three more novels before I start pushing up daisy's. Hope, if you happen to read my drivel, you will enjoy what you read, but in the even you find fault, please let me know. Even at this late stage of my life I want to improve the only thing I still love to do with my time. Thank you all for your time and any consideration you may give my work. JBB


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Hey there Capt, welcome back! I just came back myself from a mini hiatus. There's something comforting and inspiring about all this green. I hope that as you make your rounds that you find even more inspiration that you already have and find the tools you need to help continue to improve your writing skills. See you around on the forum =)