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Hello, another aspiring writer as I am sure everyone else on here is.
I am currently a stay-at-home mom of four who loves to read and dreams of writing.

This site is great for book recommendations as I am always on the hunt for new books to read.


Hi, i'm new here too.
saying hello and hope to discuss and share many information we can provide to all the users.


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welcome, meldy!...

hey, don't just 'dream'... start writing... i was a stay-at-home mom of 1,2,3,4,5 and nearly a decade later, of 7... admittedly, i didn't start writing 'seriously' till i was down to the last 2, but i always found a bit of time here and there to toss off stories and poems for my brood, along with letters to the editor, political stuff and the like... and that was in the old days before a computer made it easy... now, you've no excuse for not taking some time for yourself and your writing, right?

drop me a line if you ever need a friendly shoulder and ear...

love and encouraging hugs, maia
[email protected]