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Hi there :) (1 Viewer)


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Just wanted to give a quick hello, before I dive into any posting. I have been wanting to explore some book related forums, since normally I will read something that leaves me wanting to gush on just how wonderful of a read it was.
I'm pretty much picking up the mad types: Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski, Henry Miller, and similar authors. My love of reading is still yet new, starting a little over a year ago from a very good friend. Now it is quite me these days, book in hand, even walking up the stairs. I'm not so keen on punctuations, styles, all the little bits yet. Just passionate on what I have just read for the most part, but with interest in learning much more, even writing.
I look forward to checking this place out. :)

Olly Buckle

That is a clever transposition in your name, I hope that is all it is and not a true description. Writing a good critique of a book you have read is an excellent way to get into writing and to help you get more out of it. You really should attribute the quote in your signature, of course he is out of copyright and most of us know who he is but it is polite. I always preferred Dharma Bums to the better known On the road, for the really way out try Dr Sax, haven't got round to reading the other two yet. Hope you enjoy yourself here.


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I did get side tracked but meant to have it added, in a nice red hee hee. I had a Christmas delivery today. My order from Amazon, which contains Dharma Bums, (which I am happy to begin with), also Visions of Cody, and The Idiot Fyodor Dostoevsky. Even belated Christmas presents are the nicest thing.

So far from Jack I have only read On the Road, Book of Sketches, The Lost Paintings and Big Sur. But his writing style pulls you in, as if you/I had been long time friends with him. So when off to read one of his, I feel as if I'm off to have a conversation with Jack.