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Hello! My name's Mana. I am (le gasp!) a writer. I've been writing ever since I knew how. I write poetry, and fiction stories as well.

I am a controversial writer. I love writing about things that can be considered 'wrong' such as incestuous relationships between brother and sister, a relationship between two boys or two girls. I adore the romance genre. I think it makes a story all the more interesting if the main subject is taboo. Sometimes girl/boy relationships are just a tad bit too cliche sometimes, if you know what I mean~!

This forum looks amazing, and I cannot wait to post around a bit and become more acquainted with it! ^^


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welcome. controversy is so fun, don't know about the erm, incest, but other things, like nuclear war, and germ warfare are fun topics to discuss/write about.

Dr. Malone

I love controversy. It's really what's interesting, right?
I can't wait to read your stuff, even if romance isn't my genre. Sounds like you give it a spin I may like.