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:smile: Hi All
Just signed up. I've recently embarked on an Article Writing and Freelance Journalism Course - just completed my first assignment. Feel a bit of a novice having read some of your backgrounds :oops:
I started writing "sorry you're leaving" type poems for colleagues' leaving cards several cough, cough, years ago.
Have written articles and press releases for trade magazines and websites in my previous job. Now looking to try and crack the general / womens interest mags.
Look forward to getting involved in the forums...

Bye for now.
Debs :read:



Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Forums are very new to me. There are some interesting posts. Look forward to taking part.



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Hi and welcome from a fellow 'newbie'. Forums can take a bit to get to used to, but once you get to know people, they become familiar and often comfy places to hang out and air your views, and in this case, your writing. :smile: