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Hi peeps, I am a 33yr old writer who has a few things published now, and have stumbled across this by being really bored and googling writers forums, as I am a member of a few forums, but they don't really care to much for creative talent...
Anyways what can I say about myself, without making it sound too egotistical.

I have been writing since I was knee high to a grasshopper, starting out with poetry, then moving on too short stories.
I have always been a science fiction fan, and this is where my talents mainly lie, although I have been known to move out and venture into other worlds.
My first short story was published in a magazine called Sensor Logs, which is a fanzine for "Star Trek" :-\" fans in the east of england called "The East Coast Trekkers!" It was a Star Trek Voyager piece called "The way home." And to my immense pleasure it made a friend of mine visably cry when she got to the end, it is at moments like that when you realize you might have something here. So in my vain attempt to make it big I took up work as a waiter; thinking you didn't have to change many letters in waiter to make writer....and so the story begins.
I have since tried producing a fan based magazine on my own, but due to budget restraints that sadly died after one issue, despite postive reaction.
Their is a website based on my magazine, but this never gets updated as a friend was webmaster, and he has since moved on, and I can not contact him to get the password...oh well.

My current website, also does not get updated much, but you can see one or two pieces up on it.
Getting back to the point, I have since had movie reviews published in an icelandic newspaper in english called the reykjavik grapevine, and further articles in Sensor Logs.
I have a short story under consideration in the science fiction magazine The Edge called "To Kill The Past." and I am currently working on several pieces, including amongst them a TV movie called "Utopia" a TV series called "Colony" both of which are in advanced stages. Several short pieces of fiction, and three novels....yep I am a busy man....
Anyways, that's about it for now.