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Mister Barfly

Hi, I'm a brand spanking new member so thought I'd better drop a quick hello while I was here and the boss was out of the office (oh, the joy and freedom of Friday afternoons).

Anyways, after a decade of false-starts and aborted attempts I've finally written a novel which (a) didn't completely suck and (b) didn't get lost when the disk holding the one and only copy I had got corrupted (true story. Broke my heart. Never got around to re-writing it, but learnt a valuable lesson in backing everything up). So now I'm about to embark on the ardous task of finding an agent/publisher. After 5 years off of the dating scene, it'll be interesting to see how I cope with rejection again....

Some stuff about me: I'm 31, married, have two kids and another two on the way. I'm into most books (except, you know, the really serious literary stuff where there's no actual story but about 500 pages of character "exploration"). Favourite authors are Chuck Pahlaniuk, James Ellroy, Stephen King, Matt Beaumont. I love anything that Kevin Smith or Joss Whedon have been involved with (those two are probably my biggest inspiration when it comes to writing dialogue). I live in England (not too far from where the Quidditch World Cup was filmed, apparently, for anyone who cares) and I drink far too much coffee than can really be considered healthy or normal.

See you around,



Hi Ben, and welcome. I live in Berksjire, not too far from where you are.