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Cris V

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Newbie to this forum, not necessarily to writing. I participated in these poetry forums (not this one, others) years and years ago. Marriage, child, and such happened, and I stepped away from it. As my son neared (and is now) 18, I found myself gravitating back to the things I enjoy - poetry, photography, and other creative pursuits. I work in real estate by trade and write a couple of travel blogs for fun, live in Florida where it's nearly impossible not to find beautiful things to write about. As well as the less beautiful sides of humanity to write about. I get my inspiration from nature and prefer to write about that than about human condition type things. Anyways, looking forward to meeting each of you in time.

Olly Buckle

Glad to meet you, Cris. Congratulations on holding the family together for eighteen years, not every one makes it. I am almost finished reading 'The quiet crisis' by Stuart Udall, I would recommend it if you are into nature, his views on the American Indian are a bit naive. I remember reading there was a spearhead found in the leg bone of a mammoth skeleton, and they did manage to wipe out all the large mammals except the buffalo they couldn't get to. With horses I guess they would have managed that too if they hadn't been in competition with Mr Cody et al. The history of Presidential interference with wild logging and destruction of land and water was interesting; made me wonder if something similar might happen with the heaviest polluters of the planet in terms of CO2 and chemical releases.
Anyway, enough from me, have a good explore, make your initial ten posts so the forum opens up, and I look forward to seeing you around and learning a little more about Florida. All the best, Olly.


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I share your enthusiasm for nature and the inspiration inspired by its beauty. I've not been to Florida though, so I'm looking forward to seeing it through your writing when you share.

Welcome to the forums. :)


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You live in a beautiful part of the world...lucky you! Glad that you take time to enjoy the beauty around you. My next novel, I'm just starting will be routed in the real estate industry, in the period of the financial crisis. I viewed it as a banking regulator at the time...quite a different perspective...I'm sure. :)

Welcome, Cris! I look forward to seeing you on the discussion board.


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Welcome Cris - I've not visited Florida much, but I did ride my motorcycle down the west side, across, out to Key West, then back up the east side back in 2014. Got drenched in a thunderstorm - and Key West reminded me of the Haight Ashbury district in SF back in the 60's. It was a good time.

I look forward to seeing your posts.