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Hi there! I have an idea I'd like to share (1 Viewer)


Hi everyone. Glad to be here. My name is Lisa and I am a first time writer. I've always wanted to write and I have a gazilion ideas in my head. I joined an online writing course during Covid and started writing a novel. I went through all of the writing exercises and it was really helpful. I wrote Chapter One and it might be good - not really sure. A great foundation, perhaps? But I'm looking to do something different. I would love someone else to write Chapter Two. And then someone else to write Chapter Three. And so on. And then maybe I will write the last chapter? I think Chapter One sets things up enough to keep it moving. I think it would be cool to have a colloborative product at the end. Anyone ever heard of something like this? Is this a thing? Am I crazy? I don't want it to end up being separate short stories, but maybe that's what it would end up being? Or maybe like that TV show - Modern Love. All of the episodes seemingly have nothing to do with each other until the last episode when it all comes together and every character is somehow connected. Thoughts? Please be honest. I can take it!!


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Welcome to the forums. Glad you got into writing, however consider that cooperative writing projects can be tricky, especially with folks one has not interacted with on the forum. Take some time to wander around, talk to the other members, comment, and interact. There are keep the story going threads in a couple of the boards (there is also a collaborative writing competition, too) , I forget exactly where, but those might be a better place to start before introducing a group project to the class. (For some writers, group projects can bring back memories we would rather suppress) . Asking folks to contribute an entire chapter to a project is kind of a big deal, especially when ground rules have not been established.

Take a look around, say hello, and pin down the specifics of your project.

- D.


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Welcome to the forum!

We do have collaborations on here but not whole novels, although maybe there are some members doing that. I don't personally get involved with that side of things. I'm too single minded! Your average novel is between 250 to 300 pages with chapters around the 10 to 15 page mark. What you're asking for is a rather big commitment considering the different approaches people take when writing. Some complete novels within a year, others take many years. That means anyone who decided to join in would have to wait for the previous chapter to be finished before writing their contribution. It would have to be 100% pantsing, unless you provided a thorough and in depth plan, with every chapter laid out completely ahead of time.

I'm going to say now, whilst I think it's an interesting idea, it's very unlikely you're going to be able to do this.

Perhaps try it on a smaller scale with a short story. Each person writes the following paragraph. All you'd need to do then is provide the story/theme and a rough idea of the beginning, middle and end.


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Welcome to the forum!

We do have collaborations on here but not whole novels,
Except PiP and me now at about 55K words and cruising along. :) We began in late August. Keep up with the Writing Success Today thread! LOL

@LisaV - Your plan is interesting and fun to think about, but my experience even with shorter efforts (and you can find one in The Tavern) is they quickly become a disjointed mess. One collaborator can be great, if you find the right person. You need similar skill sets, production, and goals. You also need to be flexible enough to give up on the occasional pet idea for the good of the project, embrace your partner's ideas, be mutually supportive, but also take each other's criticism maturely. Also, the project needs preparation and an agreed direction.
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I agree with the previous comments. Every chapter written by a different person can get messy.

How about this idea? Find someone with whom you think along similar lines, and then write together - maybe alternately one chapter (or scene??) each, or maybe discuss things and then actually write together. Could be a lot of fun, and you would encourage and drive each other on.


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I first started writing in earnest back in the 80's - I jumped straight into novels, found an agent to represent and peddle my work, but it didn't work out. I was a Silicon Valley engineer back then and didn't have the bandwidth to handle it, and so stopped writing until after I retired. Now I self publish, and I love the process because I have total control of my work. As a writer you can go in a lot of different ways these days.
There are a lot of knowledgeable and wise people here - and on top of that we have a ton of fun.
Again, welcome.