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Hi there by WaterLily (1 Viewer)


Hi there,
Happy to meet you all writting-people:). I am from Czechia, close connected to Sri Lanka. I am interesting in writting all my life. I have studied Czech language and literature. I have lectured about my most favorite novelists, Kundera and Kafka at Sri Lankan university. I am working for 10 years as public relation person at Czech university, ie. writting articles about our scientists, prepairing books to be publisher as proof reader and editor. In leisure time I am writting some poetry and stories. I like blue water lilies and all Sri Lankan nature and sea:). I am happy to find this forum, finding your disccussion very interesting and inspiring. See you soon:).

Darren White

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Hi WaterLily, welcome :)
You have an interesting academic career and background
So you write poetry and stories, I live that, being a poet myself. You found the right place here.


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Hi WaterLily
Welcome to our creative community. I see you enjoy writing poetry, great! You are welcome to share your poetry to Poets' Showcase or if you are looking for serious critique, once you have made ten posts you will have access to the Poetry and Fiction Workshops which are not visible to new members, guests and search engines.

Any questions, please ask :)


Welcome WaterLily. I'm really into nature and enjoying its beauty as well, and I think having an eye for beauty helps create good imagery in writing. Glad you've decided to join us. Hope to see you around the boards!


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Welcome WaterLily. So glad you have found us! We are all really looking forward to getting to know you and to see some of your work. So happy to see you here.