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My name is Bella, but I prefer Belle or Jackie. (I love that name. Don't know why...)

I love to read! My favorite genre is fantasy, but anything that catches my eye I devour. I also love reading historical fiction, as long as it is funny and has some action! (Especially stories about pirates.)

I love writing just as much. I am only in my early teens, but I already had one of my short stories published in a magazine of short stories. (It wasn't that good of a story, and I was only 10, but I think it's awesome to say I am "published" :cool:)

I can't wait to get some advice on my stories and hope to make my writing a bit better. So far, I have yet to finish a story aside from that one that was published, although I have started a couple.

Anyways, can't wait to get advice on my writing. It should be interesting to see what more experienced writers have to say.
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Hello there and let me welcome you to Writing Forums, Belle. I hope you will enjoy being here with fellow writers. There's a rule; critique, and the favour will be returned. Also, I hope you find the help you are looking for.

~ Shinn


I think the really fascinating part is trying to figure out who is an experienced writer here, not what they are going to say.

Heh. True.


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Welcome to the forums, Belle. I write historical ficiton, and as it is I'm working on a story where pirates appear. It's not ready yet, and with my current busy life I don't know when it will be finished. There is no hurry really.

Hope you enjoy the forum! We all have our moments of brilliance, then again we also have our idiot moments. And sometimes its hard to tell the two apart. Welcome again, may we be a help to you in this weird mix of writers.