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Adam Shiels

My name is Adam Shiels and I'm a 27 year old author living in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh.

In one way or another I have been writing since I was a young boy. I've always enjoyed it, especially when writing horror.

I published my first two books last year. The first is about a serial killer in the city of Edinburgh and is called "A Scary Story".

The seond book is called "Genocide" and is a stand-alone spin off to my first book. It starts off following an evil figure but quickly expands to cover a virus with no cure and eventually a war.

Most recently I have started selling signed copies of my work exclusively through my own website Adam Shiels Publications at prices quite a bit cheaper than the UK RRP.

My site also has a number of extracts and links to previews of my books if anyone is interested in learning more about my work.

Adam Shiels.