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Hi...me here!! (1 Viewer)



I'm Seven. That's my nickname because my sign is a 7 with lines and dots. Any way it's good to be here. There seems to be a lot of writer's out there.

I use to write only poetry, but last night, as I was jousting w/ insomnia, an idea came to me. It was like a moment or other. I've had some novel writing books for a while. I started one today and the writer ideas seemed to flow like a stream through my mind.

I'm kind of nervous about novel writing. So much bigger and more concrete compared to the free spirit of poetry. Well I'm new; like that wasn't known. I'll part my way to my to bed after this word. Thanks so much for your time...

:idea:We all must do what's first and wake. The steps you take during the day in writing lead to your dreams.