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Hi, just to say hello and why I'm here (1 Viewer)

Hi guys,

I've joined because well, I want to write a story or so LOL.

I've made a start on a few stories now but they're um extremely amateurish so won't be posting those. However, I've come here because I've made a reasonable start on a new story, that I think will be promising if I can stick to it and well rewrite a few times. In the process of writing the first chapter last night and this morning, I realised that a)It looks like I'll stick to it and b) I need more skills and technique than I have now to create the story I'd like to see.

The story itself actually springs from a personal obsession of mine (which I know is not always a good thing) but I'd like to make it far richer than that. Anyway that's the reason I've joined (on impulse this morning).

If I write any more write now, I'm likely to send someone to sleep which ain't fair on a boxing day-so I'll be browsing now and have a Happy New Year all you folks I haven't met yet.


Hello karnautrahl, welcome to the forum, your not that far from me. ;)
Oh nice one LOL.

I'm moving to somewhere in Bristol in the next month however. Still good to hear from a Brummie! I was born there and my family are there still. Whereabouts in Brum?

Bugger, I meant to edit this-not double post. sorry :(


karnautrahl, im within the Solihull borough, about 7 miles or so from the city centre.
Definitly not far from me then.

Not sure what forum to ask this one in-but who else is interested in living machines? whether it's spaceships or cars? I'm working on two stories at the moment with this in mind, they're why I'm here as the first is a coupla years old and reads well, embarrassingly and the second I wrote a chapter of last night-and its worse as I've gone with loads of narrative to explain it all. Both are not remotely ready to put on here but I've spent 4 hours this morning going through various articles on writing tips etc and can see I need a lot of work on them both.

So was curious as to see who else would be into this concept? It is a personal obsession of mine on another level and there is erotism in both stories ;).
I'm still around. Haven't had the time I wanted to study what I needed. However, I've started writing again and have a 25 minute audiobook online now. I won't post links here as the content is a)adult and b)amateurish :).

I've plenty more work to do however.