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I'm a writer looking to find other writers who are obsessed with The Written Word. I've been joining all the writing forums I can and reading other people's words in my hunt for those special few who have the knack. Wherever I can, I try to add to the forums I visit in hopes of giving something back. Time being scarce as it is, this is becoming harder and harder--but I try.

I created The WordTickler Libraries (wordticklers.com), a completely free site for those obsessed with The Written Word. There are no advertisements there, as I strive to make the maximum screen real estate available for writings. As I travel around the various forums, I'm looking for those few writers who might consider occasionally coming over to The WordTickler Libraries and spilling their words for others to critique and admire.

I don't want to pull people from other forums. Rather, I'd like to point out our additional resources.

Now I'm off to see what WritingForums has to offer!