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Hi, I'm Reign. (1 Viewer)


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Hi, reign. I find writing helps with my well-being as well. For me, it is like air!

You can post on the Fiction Showcase for feedback until you reach 10 posts.

When you become a senior member you can post on the Fiction Workshop, where you can expect some thorough critiques.

You might also want to start by posting a few paragraphs in the craft thread.

Welcome to the forum!


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Welcome to the forums. It was once recommended by my doctor to write since it is considered a genuine and a good way to have the same effects as mental health therapy. He called it occupational therapy. Apparently, boredom can worsen my health. It's good of you to join. You'll find many like-minded individuals who want to be critiqued and that give critique.


Hey, Reign, I like your username. I feel so much better when I'm getting to write than when I'm not, even when it's work it's still good for me. Glad to have you aboard!
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I'm from the United States and I'm just getting back into writing to help with my mental health! I'm 23, and critic is much appreciated!
Are we the same person? lol
Welcome to the forum! Everyone here is very helpful...you made a good choice joining :)


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Hi Reign, my first two novels were about my early life. Writing it was cathartic. When you’re ready to write it I believe it will help.