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Hi! Im Portia'swit. (1 Viewer)

Hello! Im so happy to have found the site. Im constantly coming up with new stories and story lines but never have anyone to bounce them off of. Im begining to fill notebooks with stories I start and never finish. Is that common? Several of my freinds and I get together once in a while to write. One of my friends even got a series of a mideval-saga going between a bunch of us who are in class together. Cant wait to meet and hear from people!
Read you soon. haha;-)


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Hi there Portia, and welcome to the forum! Oh, I used to fill up notebooks as well (or sheets of paper) with all kinds of plots or beginnigs of stories. And then they just lay there... Now, I must confess, more than 30 years later, I sometimes pick up these notes and develop a new story from them. Some of the ideas were quite good, but I never did anything with them at that time.

I also fill notepads up with all sorts of stuff, including business ideas (I'm not a writer first and foremost...), I think it's fairly common, so don't worry! :D

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Thats great! Yeah I am a compulsive writer. The backs of papers and stuff often become parts of whatever plot Im working on. My most beloved manuscript that I've been writing for what seems like forever-is mostly different pieces of paper-that are all stuffed in a folder and its hilarious to take them out and try to put them in order. Many are several years old and are begining to fade, which makes it even more difficult and funny.