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Hi, I'm new too (1 Viewer)



Hello there, I am currently on an Open University course, Creative Writing. The course book is really good. Part of the course required me to look into the Writer's Forums that exist on the internet. Holy cats there are quite a few. I am glad to have found this site because I feel that I would like to continue writing, and I can see from my work on this course how helpful a good discussion or some quick pointers about where a piece seems to snag would be.

I have written some poetry for the course, as well as some autobiographical material, and a short story. My writing seems to want to blend these three for the most part. My writing tends to the vague, so any help with what you think I am saying, or not saying, etc will always be appreciated, and I am looking forward to participating in the site!



Dear Bettyann, I hope you have fun here. I have found that the comments on what I write have helped me a great deal. On the poetry page (where I post the most) there are lot's of very helpful people.