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Hi, I'm new here, please be gentle :) (1 Viewer)

Hi everyone,

So I finally decided to sign up for a writing forum. I'm brand new here so I'm not really sure how these kinds of forums work yet, so I'll be having a look around over the next few days and hopefully joining in with some conversations and making new friends.

Writing is something I've always had an interest in, even from a very young age, when I used to write little stories for my friends and family. As I grew up I seemed to get less chance to write creative stories, although during University I studied Digital Media at Canterbury Christ Church (Broadstairs campus) - It was here that I managed to get back into it a little more again and I managed to get a 1st class grade for every essay and dissertation that I wrote during my three years there. This helped me score a 1st Class with honours for my degree overall.

Since leaving uni, and starting work full time, I have found less time again to write, but thankfully it hasn't gone away from me completely as I do get the chance to write articles and blog posts for my company. I won't name the company here (at least not yet) for fear of being seen as advertising and then getting immediately banned. But I will say that it is an online company which sells Prescription Glasses and Designer Sunglasses. In fact, they proudly boast to sell The World's Cheapest prescription glasses.

Initially, the company were a little against the idea of me spending any spare time writing blog posts. But I've been writing for the last few years now when the opportunity presents itself. More recently, the company have seen the power that our blog is gaining and it really seems to be generating some interest, thanks in part to much of my own hard work, I'm proud to say. Anyway, as a result, they now want us to produce more content and articles. This is good news for my part time hobby in a way as I have somehow managed to turn it into a paying job. But the pressure is on now as the demand to produce more material is quite high and there are still all the other regular daily tasks to complete too.

So that's where I am right now, and here's too new challenges.


bazz cargo

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Hi Chris,
welcome to the madhouse.

For a few hints and tips on forum etiquette you could do worse than try the link in my signature.

Enjoy yourself, I do.