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Hi Gang---I’m a seventy year old retired maintenance mechanic, from the frozen north, (Canada that is.) I’m dyslectic, although I didn’t realize it until I was twenty one or two. At first it was thought, I was just plain stupid; you know a card short of a deck or a brick short of a load, I’ve heard them all, never face to face, but you know the word gets around.
I set out on a mission to educate those peers of mine that thought it was a good idea to flaunt it in my face. The results were that most people learned rather quickly that it was not a good subject to discuss in my presents. Mind you I didn’t change many minds, but it did make me a pretty fair fighter.
I joined the navy and was lucky enough to be included into the shipwright program. I was about three years into the program, when an instructor asked me to submit to a series of tests. As a result of the tests, I was told I was dyslectic. This is a brain disorder that affects ones ability to perceive letter, numbers, or both. Luckily in my case it affected only letters. I was further told I was proficient in the mechanical aspects of my trade, but I would have to get my credits for grade twelve English Literature. Well to make a long story shorter I got my credit for English Literature and came out of the navy after seven years, with a shipwright’s certificate.
I have always thought I could tell a pretty good story, so with the advent of the computer with its spell and punctuation check; I set out to write a novel. My motivation was just to prove I could write an entertaining story. The subject I chose to write about was the western, probably because that was always my favorite read. I think my novel has passed the entire test I submitted it to; I have however, never tried to marketer it.
I now have twelve or thirteen short stories ranging in length from two thousand to seven thousand words, mostly what I call outdoor adventure, with a couple of attempts at humor and even a ghost story.
Well that’s about it, I write for my own amusement, for the most part, but who know some day I my have a try at marketing them.
Talk to you soon---ablelaz.