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Hi from the other side (1 Viewer)

Hayley C

And so the fear sets in - the vulnerability of introducing oneself.

Perhaps to the modern day teen/twenty/thirty something (how young are the cool people these days?) - the idea of showcasing oneself is exciting and seen as an opportunity to begin conversation. To me, on the other hand, I've deleted and rewritten this more times than I'd like to admit.

There is definitely the notion of letting less public critique affect you, as you get older (hey I'm not even that old), however, I think when it's something you've wanted to do and had on your mind for so long (showing my writing / thoughts / creative chaos), it's downright daunting.

So here I am - a mother, a business owner, a mid thirty something ("mid" may be pushing it, but hey I'm new here) woman who spends a lot of time overthinking situations and creating exciting endings to everyday stories. I love writing and need to extend my range beyond business newsletters, thank you emails and generic day to day written exchange. My grammar and all things writing appropriate, are 100% not inline with anything that a proficient writer would produce, but I'm here to figure it all out.

So now that I've set myself up to avoid anyone expecting perfection from me - I need to mention that my writing has heart and full blown emotion. I think what drives me to write is the re-reading - reading something I've written today, next week will remind me that I'm not just a mom or a general public entity but that I have thoughts, ideas and that I'm not just living day to day but creating something along the road. And also, that starting a sentence with and, isn't all that bad.

Lastly, as I frantically search online, how does one end these sort of introductions? Until next time, I guess?


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Perfect ending! You needn't be fearful. There are lots of friendly folks here. An over-thinker myself, I can relate. My intro was not anywhere near as good as yours.

The exciting endings sound intriguing. What types of things are you working on? Stories? Novel? Poems?

Welcome to the forum!


Dear Hayley, no worries. If we were judging the landing (which we aren't) you would have stuck it. Critiquing is only part of what goes on here, there's also community, learning, and even friendship if you're so inclined. Anyone who would be so rude as to pick apart your intro post will probably get relentlessly teased by the rest of us. It's not that many of us aren't perfectionists, it's just those of us who are know that perfectionism is more like an illness we have to overcome than an ideal to be realized.

I'm curious, what kind of business do you have? That's no small accomplishment when you're also a mom!

Welcome to the hurly-burly of WF where you'll meet goofballs, professionals, dreamers, pirates, satirists, free spirits, and even just a few levelheaded writers (though we don't hold that against them). So have a cookie and get to know us. It'll all be okay.


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Well, it certainly sounds like you've a wealth of experience to draw upon, at the least.

What genres are you into, or I should say - what do you like to write?

Welcome to the forums, btw!


Don't worry about getting critiqued, worry about not getting critiqued. It took me three years on writing courses before I finally got a proper critique and that's how I knew I'd improved. I was no longer someone 'just there'.


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Hi Hayley

Now that is called passion. I really admire that, you are so young and despite having other time demanding responsibilities, you asserted your creative instincts to come in life. Your intro is enough to tell that your writiings would have that natural, emotional flow and as a reader I feel, that appeals to the reader most : not writing for the sake of writing but the urge driving you to write.

Looking forward to your writings here.
Good luck.