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hi from Serbia (1 Viewer)



I'm Darija from Serbia...Because of that,my english is not perfect,but i hope that you will understand me...I'm 13 years old...Horses are my life...i simply,love them...One of my hobies is writing....but there is one problem....please help me to solve it...The problem is that,acording i am form Serbia,my work(all of the poetry,and other stuff),is on serbian....i suppose(i think i didn't spell this word,like it should to be speled...),that you don't understand serbian language,so i don't know what i need to do...i can translate them into english,but it just won't fit...translated work,is not good as,the same work in original....that's the problem...if that problem has no solution,i will just reed this forum...witouth posting in it...:(pls help me...
a lot of kisses,


Danja, welcome to the forum. You could try working translations into English, even if you think they don't work that well, so that you can get help to improve them.



I am in complete agreement with you... horses are marvelous.

As far as language goes you do well, you know Serbian AND English. I only know English.

Translate as well as you can for us and we'll do our best to help.



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Hello to you, Darija, and welcome to the forum. I'm from Belgium, so I basically have the same problem. Translations don't work for me. What I do, is simply put my thoughts in English. Of course, I don't know how well you speak this language. I learned it in the course of years. Nowadays, I write more easily in English than in my own language!



Hello, Darija. Ah, another horse lover. I own two of them myself. :) Welcome to the forums!


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Welcome to the forums Darija, have much fun here!

Aaanndd...another horse lover, I own one myself! ^_^