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Hi from a newbie writer in Oregon (1 Viewer)

I'm an amateur writer with nothing much published; just a few poems here and there and several articles in my college paper. My "Great First Novel" :-k has been collecting dust for a while, currently at 30,472 words.

I had an epiphany today (in the shower, as usual), and realized that I write best when I have help and support, usually in the form of a best friend. All the short stories I've written over the years, even as far back as the emotional shock-style science fiction I wrote in grade school, were written when I had someone very close to me to bounce ideas off of; to criticize or praise my prose. It's a two-way street, of course; I always strive to help and support my friends.

When I started my novel I had a dear friend's support and a message board of like-minded folks, but now the message board is shut down and the friend and I are not as close--she's just too busy to be my patient muse, not that I blame her.

Support has always helped me, and I hope that I can find that here. I even hope to find an actual, in-person, flesh-and-blood-in-a-coffee-shop writer's group here in Southern Oregon, but no luck so far. In any case, this website promises to be interesting and informative, and I look forward to meeting fellow writers.