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Hi - From A little Shy (1 Viewer)


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Hi Everybody,

I Just wanted to introduce myself but I feel a little shy.

Strange for someone who is passionate about writing. I guess it's because I have so much to tell about myself I don't know where to start.

Besides I am so curious about every one else that I don't feel like scribing much about me right now. I am too keen to go and look at what every one has posted in this great looking forum.

Ok, in shorthand, I am a published Author and am currently nearing the end of "The Power Of The Light" a work in progress for the past 2 years.

Written as a legacy to those, who's guidance I was priviledged to receive, "The Power Of The Light" embraces the experiences, from the turbulent years in Europe and Isreal [1924 -1952], to the present day in Australia.

Dedicated to my Grandparents, who raised me with tender loving care, and to my children, whom I tried to raise in the same spirit.

I am the web master of several sites - live in Paradise - have a great supportive partner and hope I can be of some assistance to writers looking to promote their work.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Katarina Jellinek [AKA Kitty Brown - Kimbro]
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Thanks for the welcome Nickie,

I have noted your links and will take a look at them today.

I'll get back to you later,

Hello kimbro!!

Never be shy on the forum! I know we are ugly and slightly insane at times but we all deep down (really really really deep down) are all very nice people..... except for Shinn... He's the mean one! watch out for him..... (oh, if shinn is reading this: i'm sorry i didn't mean it at all! i'm actually quite fond of you.... really!... *sneaks away real fast* lol

anyways.. welcome to the forum!


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Great to meet you too.

Hello and welcome to the madness, Katarina. Great to meet you. Enjoy!

Sorry for the late reply. Been too busy welcoming all the new members to myscribeweb to come back to the forum.
Visited and loved your blog. Your sister Val's description of the rest room lightened up my day too.


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I've always loved the name Katarina, think it's due to my distant Eastern European heritage. Welcome. No need to be shy here. We're a pretty nice, decent bunch.


Welcome to the forum:thumbl: Hope no body here scares you TOO incredibly much. I'm kinda still new as well but so far everyone has been really nice:blackeye: