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Hi Everyone (1 Viewer)


I just discovered this forum via a Google search and after a quick look around I have to say it looks like an exceedingly helpful and educational place. I am hoping to improve my writing as well as contribute to others around here.

But first, a quick bio on me. I've been writing since age 6 or 7. I finished my first "novel" around age 10--a one hundred page double-spaced children's story about mice. I had my own column in a local paper at age 13 where I offered advice on all kinds of pre-adolescent issues (self-esteem, bullying, etc.).

Nowadays, I work full-time as a proofreader during the day while writing for my primary website and my affiliate blogs. I write mostly pulp-fiction style short stories and humor articles. Lately I've delved into writing extended various essays and commentary articles on all kinds of subjects. My goal as a writer is to become proficient in as many genres and styles as feasible.

Additionally, I've been published on such websites as CollegeHumor, DoubleViking, among many others. If you surf the web often, there's a good chance you've come across something I wrote at one point or another.

I would like to one day blog and write full-time. But given the proliferation of blogs and other online media, that will take time. So, I'm here to help anyone I can and just spread the karma. If anyone has any questions, please free to ask away. It's good to be here.