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Hi Everyone. (1 Viewer)


Unquiet Magnolia

Hello Everyone,

And, thank you for having me, here. I have been looking around the internet for an active and pleasant-looking forum for writers and was happy to come across this site. Certainly, it will take me a few days to make my way through all the forums and familiarizing myself with this site in general - but, it does look like a fun and positive environment to be in from what I‘ve seen thus far.

As for writing, I have been writing poetry since my early teen years - my form and muses have evolved greatly over that time to a place where I feel comfortable and happy with my finished pieces. I also have some novellas in the works but find the inspiration needed for me to sort them through, and possibly even finish one of them, sorely disoriented and lacking, currently. Poetry has always been my main-stay, however - so, I leave the novellas aside until the proper ideas and inspirations begin to flow for them.

I also write non-fiction via historical research. My long-standing topic has been historic Tuberculosis sanatoria.

I have not tried to publish any of my finished works nor do I have any real desire to do so at this point in time. But, perhaps, someday…

Besides the writing life, I work with antiques, at a library and also as a researcher for a group in my area. I love classic films and dance, particularly classical Egyptian dance.

I am looking forward to meeting fellow members here, sharing works/thoughts/inspirations and generally having a wonderful time.




Hi! I'm new too ^^ Pleased to meet you!

Tuberculosis sanatoria sounds a depressing topic to write about! But I suppose it must be interesting? What got you into that, out of interest?

Unquiet Magnolia

Thank you, all, for the warm welcome!

InterfaceLeader: It’s good to meet a fellow new-comer! As for your questions and thoughts:
Why TB sanatoria? I became interested in an old sanatorium near where I live and my love of both history and research just seemed to settle their sights on it (funny how that happens). As I researched the building, I happened upon pictures of patients and staff from the early days of the sanatorium and I guess I was hooked from there - wanting to understand, to whatever degree I am able, what those people experienced - and, possibly, being able to put that into words for posterity. From there, I started researching other sanatoria for a broader scope of understanding and, well…that just created a snow-ball effect.

Yes, the research of the medical aspects can be pretty depressing - unfortunately, it‘s one of the keys to understanding the big picture. My main focus, however, is the social structure of these institutions and I’ve heard countless positive and heart-warming stories in regards to that. The patients and staff were so isolated from the outside world that the sanatoria were forced to develop their own social structures (called, popularly: “little cities“) - as much for the emotional survival as for the physical survival of all confined or working in them. So, such is life: the negatives always have positives to create a balance. It’s a fascinating journey and labor of love.

Thank you, all, again,

Unquiet Magnolia

Thank you, Amers, for the welcome. Yes, I think I like it, here. :)