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Hi everyone (1 Viewer)

Mr Write

Senior Member
Hi, let me introduce myself.
I'm Mr write, i love writing. I hope to write a full fiction novel one day. I have started to write novels a few times, but they either aren’t very good or I just give up. I have started a book that I think is worth doing properly, that’s why I’ve joined the site, so I can hopefully get help from people if I get stuck and to prove that I will finish the book. I’ve written two chapters so far, they need a lot of work but now I have three days off a week I can put all my effort into making it perfect. I also like listening to music, i sometimes listen to it when writing and depending on the music it gives me different ideas. I like mostly rock music, I like all types of rock from slow rock to punk to heavy metal. I read and write mostly fantasy and the novel I want to write is also fantasy. (also like horror and comedy)
I hope to make a few friends on here and learn more about writing fiction, cheers.



Yay! Another rocker like myself! Go us! lol. Welcome to the forums, and have fun!

Mr Write

Senior Member
thanks the site seems cool from what ive seen, and its good to know i'm not the only writer who likes rock!