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My name is Dana and I'm new to this forum. I was working on some short stories today, and realized that some critique would be great. I googled "writing forums" and this was the first result, and it looked promising, so here I am. I very much look forward to participating here.

One question along with my introduction. I couldn't find in the FAQ guidelines as to exactly where certain things should be posted. I have a concept for a fiction novel that I'd like critiqued. Should I post this in "critique and advice" or "fiction" or somewhere else entirely? I ask because the majority of posts in those forums display products, not concepts.

Thank you!,


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Why do you want a critique on a concept? It might be the greatest concept in the world, but if the story is shit, no one cares.

Maybe you can start working on it and post up individual sections for critique instead. You're better off that way.