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Hi Everyone! (1 Viewer)


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Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to look at this post.

First thing's first, my name is Colin and I am a 24 year old scientist in Massachusetts, United States. I love to write, but sadly, my work does not exactly feed my creative thirst. I have written several small items and feel like I have a lot of good ideas; however, I lack is confidence. I am afraid that I am going to write something so silly, stereotypical, and uninteresting that I can barely get past the 3rd or 4th page. What I am hoping to achieve from Writing Forums is guidance and confidence in my writing skills. I hope we all can learn from one another, though I will probably learn more from you guys than you will from I, haha! See you all in the forums.

Thanks again,



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So write something short...just a page or two. Post it for criticism, and see what happens. That's pretty much what goes on here...and um, welcome Colin.


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Hi Colin, welcome. :) We all feel hesitant at first to share our work, well, most of us do.


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Sharing your works can be one of the more nerve-wracking things you do. What you need to do is share it with people who you know will give you constructive criticism, like I'm sure many people on these forums will do. It doesn't matter what you share, as people will always give you ways to improve.