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Hi everyone - waves - nice to be here (1 Viewer)


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It's been quite a while since I was part of a forum so I'm looking forward to meeting you all. I am almost an ancient, desperately willing the next two years to hurry up so I can retire and spend all my hermit time writing. I am poeting mostly at the moment, clearing the decks so I can get to tidying up the short stories...and then I might get to the novels!

I live near the lovely Loch Lomond but am (or should I now say - have been?) too lazy to walk in that direction often. But, I am on a health-kick so I might be joining the photographic group and posting the proof of new routines, soon.

Right now I'm waiting for my registration to recognise me so I can edit my profile.

Irene xx


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Hi Irene and welcome to our community. You will find us a supportive group so pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. I am the cookie monitor. :cookie: You like poeting? So do I:) We have an active community of poets who like to share and critique poetry, poetry challenges and a poetry discussion forum.

Once you become a full member (after you have made ten valid posts) you will be able to edit your profile and share your work to the creative boards.

I always wanted to visit Loch Lomond but I doubt we will get there now since moving to Portugal.

What are you doing on your health kick. Does it include a diet and exercise or just one or the other?


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Hello, Irene! Welcome to WF... how exciting it all sounds, retiring, being a hermit, writing poetry... maybe even joining a photography club! Well, make sure you save some time for us.. hahaaa... I cant wait to read your poetry and see your pictures.. I have a good friend here, her name is bobo, and she hikes in the most beautiful places and shares her photos...I have a thread called Firemajics daily dose of poetic inspiration, and you can see her photographs there, we also have a visual arts thread, and you can post there as well, but to do that, you need to make 10 valid posts, and the word games do not count... sooo check out the fabulous poetry thread, read and comment, or join any of the discussion threads... OO, we have writing challenges and contests too! We will get you mooovin and grooovin... enjoy your new writing community, I am looking forward to seeing you participating and having a blast. My name is Julia and I haunt the fabulous poetry thread, see you there ;)
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Oh yes, well the diet part at the moment - I'd rather watch paint dry in the rain than exercise...but I will force myself into a new regime of walking along to my loch (maybe tomorrow 'cause it's raining today)...trouble is if I walk over there I'll just buy a big latte!


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Hi Julia ;-) You sound enthusiastic. I have some time before I have to go out in the bloomin rain so am going to pop over to the groups you mentioned. Speak in poetry world - waves...


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Hi Irene. We ancients have to keep our circulation going somehow or else vegetate. My computer is playing disco music and my feet are dancing under the desk while I type at this moment. Mind you, I have ironed an entire set of bedlinen while disco dancing, but that's more advanced stuff. I can also lay a dinner table and dry the washing up, including polishing and putting away the wineglasses, without missing a beat in the music. It scares the hell out of our cats though. In their opinion humans were never intended to move that fast, certainly not in a confined space. However, cats don't believe that we can walk up and down stairs on two legs either, but I can even do that, at least for a few more years yet hopefully. When I feel the joints and muscles tightening up through sitting around I say to my angel wife, "It's time for a walk," but she prefers it flat while I like it hilly.

Welcome to the forums. I understand that people around here write some of the time, but I'm the mentor for the beta readers. Writers are no use without readers and silent readers don't benefit them much either until they get published, so get reading and comment on what you find here. The most difficult criticism for a writer to comprehend is silence. They don't know whether their work is too appalling to comment on or too brilliant, so tell them.

Oh great! The computer is now playing From East To West by Voyage, one of my favourites. Excuse me while I enjoy it. Bye for now.

It's now playing Strut Your Funky Stuff by Frantique. The lyrics are good advice.

That's if you can find the right lyrics on the Internet. Most appear to be wrong, probably copied from one to another. These seem to be the most accurate as text. So far as text is concerned, this is certainly the place to strut your funky stuff.

Yeah, "you don't have to write like Travolta" ... no, that doesn't sound right.
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