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Hi all! (1 Viewer)



Well, happy to be here guys. I'm not going to be your most active member however I figured if I can read and write why not sign up. I'm a young man, just graduated college and have a job now. And I'm noticing, that most of my writing now is coming when I either feel strongly about my partner or when there are problems in paradise. Put it this way my last written piece was named "The monster." It is a continuing effort right now as I struggle with some stuff in my life. I guess you can say that my writing is my escape. But I hope to read some of your material guys and possibly post some of my work when I deem it ready.


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Hello there, and welcome to Writing Forums. Yes, writing can be an escape out of trouble... I've experienced it more than once! Hope you'll like it here!



Hi guys!

This looks like a great place to share my writings.



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Hello to you helpessay!

Welcome and enjoy your stay. I would love to critique some of your literary work! =]


Hello and welcome to the community, Forlove and helpessay. Nice to meet you both. Enjoy!