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Heya everybody! (1 Viewer)



Hey everyone, name's Roland. That's not my real name, I just like it.

So, um, I guess I should tell you fellows a little about myself.

I am a huge reader, which usually baffles my friends (I swear they are very close to being illiterate) and seems to often put me at odd with them since they are all really big on sports. I do play sports, mostly baseball and I ski a lot to, but that's not the point.

My favorite genres are Historical Fiction and Realistic Fiction and sometimes sci-fi/fantasy if I feel in the mood.

But now onto the reason we all joined this board, writing. I started writing when I was younger because I had broken my leg and had nothing else to do. I found out that I really enjoyed it though my grammar is the greatest thing the world. I did a lot of short, fantasy stories at that time and have since evolved into realistic romances.

My characters are something I really like to create, even though their arch-types are always the same in different stories (that made no sense....). Each story usually has a morally superior male who is betrayed by a women who he thought loved him and after a period of time he meets a new woman and yadda yadda.

My newest story, which I hope someday might become something a whole lot bigger is a little more complicated than that guideline above. But, I'll save that for when I post it, which should be soon once I clean it up a bit :lol:

Oh, one more thing, I have big issues with "to" and "too". I've gotten better with it, but I still make mistakes here and there with them.