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I just joined, my name's Chris and I love to write. Im only 15 years old, just about everyone that has seen any of my storie's say's im going to get published one day. I hope their right. One of my goals in life is to be published before i'm 18. I cant really think of what else to put here so any questions, feel free to ask. Feel free to pm me, im looking forward to meeting everyone ^_^.


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Hello there, Chris, and very much welcome to Writing Forums! I do hope that you'll able to reach your gaol. It must be wonderful to be published before you're eighteen!

Thanks for the welcome. I hope I reach my goal to, it would be very nice to get published that early. Im really hoping to get published before im 16 though. I highly doubt it will happen though.

Nice to meet you to pride, im already enjoying myself. I'll be posting the first chapter to my current story, Stained Memory within a few day's. I need to go back and edit still.

Thank you Shin.

I have quite a few goals in life, but who doesn't? I can dream all I want but im going to try to make it happen.