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Hello all!
I'm an 18 year old attending the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, and am new to these forums. I like writing a lot of fiction & magic realism, and occasionally sci-fi or fantasy. I decided on joining this forum to post my work and to get positive feedback and criticism so I can improve as a writer. Ah, I also forgot to mention, I'm studying English Literature & Creative Writing at my University :) I'm aspiring to be some type of writer, albeit not for newspapers - I dislike being unbiased! So, that's me. :) Hope to impress you guys with my work.


Dr. Malone

Hey gardenstate. I like that movie, if that's what your name refers to. Zach Braff not being insanely annoying, amazing!
Welcome to this forum. I just found it last week, and it's great. I majored in writing with a focus on fiction, and I'll go ahead and warn you: don't count on finding a good job. At least not one that pays. I don't care for journalism either, although that's what most people will assume when you tell them you're a writer, at least in my case.

HEADLINE: "Zach Braff Fever Sweeps Zach Braff's Apartment!"